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Asiatic Lily - June 2019


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Asiatic Lily


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Sherry's Wildflower of the Month

June 2019 bloom - Hieracium venosum (Rattlesnake Weed)


Grown at the base of a power pole near driveway turnaround, Rattlesnake Weed is a member of the Hawkweed family. A decoction of the plant was reputed to relieve the effects of the bite of venomous snakes. Yellow blossoms occur at the end of several long, rambling, wiry stems. The rosette of basal leaves are distinctly red-veined. A lover of wildflowers, Sherry collected several of these plants from the wild.

  • Dry open woods
  • Blooms from May to September
  • Likes partial shade
  • 18-30 inches tall
  • Spreads by dandelion-like seeds

May 2019 bloom - Tiarella cordifolia 'Fancy Trails'


Grown at base of Sherry's pond cascade (waterfall), Foamflower is a moisture loving perennial that can be found in abundance along the mountain streams and waterfalls of North Georgia. Deeply lobed leaves have bright green margins with dark purple centers. Star shaped white puffs with pink tips appear in spring.

  • Likes partial shade
  • Needs moist, not necessarily wet, soil
  • Can make a dense groundcover 
  • 12 to 18 inches tall
  • Blooms are fragrant
  • Hardy in zones 3 through 9

November 2018 bloom - Aconitum 'Cammichaelii Fisheri'


Grown in filtered shade in a fragrance garden, Monkshood  is an herbaceous wildflower that can be found growing in mountain meadows throughout the northern hemisphere. The plant gets its name from the shape of the posterior sepal of the flowers, which resembles the cowls worn by monks. Violet blue flower spikes over

dark green foliage similar to geranium leaves.

  • Needs partial shade in our zone
  • Not too rich, moist soil
  • Slow to establish (this is 11th year)
  • 24 inches tall
  • Doesn't like to be moved 
  • Hardy in zones 3 through 7

October 2018 bloom - Spiranthes odorata 'Chadds Ford'


Grown below the dam of Sherry's fish pond, along with other moisture loving plants, Fragrant Ladies Tresses is an easy-to-grow native orchid with flowers that open in the fall to release a delightful vanilla scent. Bright white flowers are arranged on the stalk as intertwined double spirals. Lance-like foliage rises from a basal rosette. 

  • Thrives in shade or sun
  • Needs wet soil
  • Compact and tidy growth habit
  • 12 to 18 inches tall
  • Spreads from runners or seeds 
  • Hardy in zones 6 through 9