Summer Blooms In Our 2018 Gardens

Nancy Garrett Garden

Roses grace a border.

Ruth Sutton Garden

Bottlebrush Buckeye edges a woodland.

Chuck Baumrucker Garden

Crepe Myrtle is a stand-out.

Diane Morgan Garden

Azaleas take the stage.

Heidi Stuckman Garden

Moon Flower shines at night.

Sherry Brownlee Garden

Among Sherry's woodland favorites are Rhododendron and Native Azaleas.

Heidi Stuckman Garden

Heidi has created a new garden area devoted to Irises.

Diane Morgan Garden

Azaleas and Clematis are among Diane's favorites.

Intriguing Plants We Love

'Mystic Spires Blue'

Shirley Puch couldn't resist this Salvia which attracts hummingbirds.

Red Buckeye

Mary Stansell might covet her neighbor's Aesculus Pavia.