Flower Show Basics


What is a Flower Show?

Flower Shows are open and free to the public, and are presented under the guidelines of National Garden Clubs, Inc. Shows may be staged in a public building (Standard Flower Show, Patriotic Flower Show or Holiday Flower Show) or in a member's home (Home Standard Flower Show). Design, horticulture and special exhibits (youth, craft, educational) are required based on the type of show, and are scored by NGC judges. If overall scoring for a Show is high enough, the Club may submit award applications to its affiliate state, region and national garden clubs.


We are Proven Winners!

Cumming Garden Club holds a flower show every two to three years, so that each Club president (under a two-year term) has an opportunity to host a show. Shows presented recently occurred in 2010 (Southern Breeze), 2012 (HomeCumming on the Mountain) and 2015 (Patriotic Splendor). Each of these shows received a First Place award for Flower Show Achievement and Flower Show Schedule (see photo at right). The 2015 Show also received First Place awards for Flower Show Staging and Flower Show Educational Exhibit.

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Patriotic Splendor

2015 Flower Show


Cumming Garden Club's 2015 standard flower show, Patriotic Splendor, was staged at the City of Cumming Army National Guard Armory. The focus of the show was to express gratitude for services provided by our Armed Forces and to show pride in our great country.

First Place Designs - Section A


Awards  of Design Excellence were given for the best designs shown in the category "Procession of Gratitude." In Section A (Standing up for the USA), four designs were represented under "Honoring Freedom", "Tall and Proud" and "Regal Vision." 

First Place Designs - Section B


Section B (America the Beautiful) had four designs each, eligible for first place under "Spirit of America", "Dawn's Early Light" and "Celebrate the 4th." Red, white and blue colors were emphasized throughout this category.

Horticulture Awards


Staged in a huge drill hall in the lower level of the Armory, more than 100 horticulture specimens were exhibited in a division titled "March of the Plants." This hall could be overlooked through a plate glass window in the upper level.

Artistic Crafts


In Division III's "Spectacle of Patriotism", crafts were composed of four decorated hats, four decorated packages displayed in an antique trunk, and four decorated chairs - all portraying a patriotic theme.

Educational and Youth


Wildflowers Across America was an educational exhibit in the class titled "From Sea to Shining Sea." It depicted wildflowers from the four regions of America. The Youth exhibit was a creative design.