About Us

How We Began

On March 29, 1949, sixteen charter members formed Cumming Garden Club, and it was federated in 1950. The first book studied was A Continuation of the Principles of Flower Arranging According to Rockwell and Grayson.


          Flower:   Rose

          Tree:       Dogwood

          Colors:   Red and White

THEME  To conserve and nurture the best within myself, and the best in my community.

Our Affiliate Garden Clubs

          National Garden Clubs, Inc.    http://www.gardenclub.org

               Deep South Region    http://dsregion.org

          The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.    http://gardenclub.uga.edu

               Laurel District     www.laureldistrict.org

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Holiday Luncheon

December 12, 2017 Holiday Meeting

Club members and guests gathered for a buffet lunch and sweets exchange.

Pam's BackStage

Luncheon was held in a Broadway spotlight setting

located in the 1923 Cumming Schoolhouse.

Sweets Table

Each club member brought two dozen cookies, cakes or candies

to be shared with each other.