May Plant Exchange a Great Success

After a brief meeting in the Fireside Room, the group gathered outside to swap plants.

Vicky Rice read an inspirational piece called, "Planting Your Spring Garden" - for the garden of your daily living.

Members displayed and described a variety of plants grown in their own gardens.

May 2019 Horticulture Moment

Plant Natives for their relationship with wildlife and stress-free adaptability to our habitat!


Sherry Brownlee brought three native perennials for exchange, and gave a comprehensive description of each.

The Indian Pink shown above grows in partial to full shade in upright 12" to 24" clumps. A cluster of 2 to 12 vivid red tubular flowers with yellow interiors appears in May.

Indian Pink attracts pollinators and will spread if planted in loamy soil and allowed to seed.

Heartleaf Ginger


Hexastylis virginica looks similar to wild ginger, but the evergreen heart-shaped leaves are mottled green with silvery grey and have a pungent smell. 'Blooms' occur below the leaves at soil level, and are called 'little brown jugs' because of their appearance.

Butter and Eggs


Linaria vulgaris spreads in partial shade with clumps up to three feet tall. A long crowded raceme of lacy foliage is topped by 1-inch yellow flowers with orange throats.

The blooms of this aggressive plant are attractive to bees and butterflies.

March 2019 Meeting Recap

Installation of 2019-2021 Officers


Officers for the upcoming term were inducted prior to a luncheon enjoyed by club members at the home of Linda Hardie.

L to R: Shirley Puch, Secretary, Heidi Stuckman, President, Judy Ree, President-Elect, Charlotte Dewberry, Vice President,  Linda Hardie, Treasurer.

(Betty Smith, Parliamentarian not shown)

Frances Tidd Inducted New Officers


Focus of the installation was Conservation, so incoming officers were given a token made of a renewable resource which contained a message to remind them of their duties. Symbols chosen reflected some of the items necessary to complete a meal or a successful table setting. Frances spoke of the officers contribution of strength, vitality and resources as their projects and leadership are shared.

Heidi Stuckman Inducted for a Second Term


Heidi was presented with a Meat Fork that signifies the meatiness or importance of the office of President, a leadership function involving both responsibility and opportunity.

As a gift in recognition of her presidency during 2017-2019, social chair Terra Manton presented her with a bronze horse ornament that evokes her love of horseback riding. She named it Laurel in honor of Laurel District, with which CGC is affiliated.



January 2019

  • January 8:  Club Meeting "Create a Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary" . . . Cumming, GA
  • January 9‑10:  NGC Environmental School - Course 2 . . . Rome, GA
  • January 16:  Native Plant Symposium . . . Athens, GA
  • January 18‑19:  NGC Gardening School - Course 2 . . . Griffin, GA

February 2019

  • February 6:  Native Plant Symposium . . . Athens, GA
  • February 8-9:  NGC Gardening School - Course 4 . . . Griffin, GA
  • February 12:  Club Meeting "The Enviroscape - Watershed Model" . . . Cumming, GA
  • February 15:  Arbor Day in Georgia
  • February 20:  Capitol Conservation Day '19 . . . Atlanta, GA

March 2019

  • March 8-10:  Atlanta Orchid Society Show and Sale . . .Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GA
  • March 11-13:   Deep South Region Convention . . . Jekyll Island, GA
  • March 12:  Club Meeting "Spring Luncheon and Officer Installation" . . . Cumming, GA
  • March 20-21:   NGC Environmental School - Course 3 . . .Rome, GA
  • March 27:  South Georgia Native Plant Symposium . . . Tifton, GA

April 2019

  • April 9:  Club Meeting "A President's Legacy" . . . Cumming, GA
  • April 16-18: Garden Club of Georgia Convention . . . Columbus, GA
  • April 21‑27:  Garden Week in Georgia
  • April 29-May 2:  National Garden Club Convention . . . Biloxi, MS

May 2019

  • May 14:  Club Meeting "Plant Exchange" . . . Cumming, GA
  • May 15-16:  NGC Environmental School - Course 4 . . . Rome, GA