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February 2020 Program Recap


'Change That Old Landscape - Prune'

Avery Howell, Landscape Architect and owner of Proclaim Landscape Associates, talked of pruning for results . . .

with timing to be aggressive early so there is need to do less later. Pruning principles are:

  • Why:  Corrective, for Shape (end effect), to Encourage flowers or fruit, for Damage removal
  • When:  Generally, while shrub or tree is dormant and you can see its structure - Corrective pruning done in late winter, Cosmetic pruning (trimming, which is repetitive) done in summer (June-July), Clean up pruning done in late fall (November)
  • How:  Right equipment (hand pruners, saws, lopers), Right cut – angled, above bud, Right amount – rule of taking off about one-third


Avery cautioned not to just shear everything – this needs constant repeating.

He said to evaluate existing shrubs and shrub groupings . . . some plants simply need to be removed.

Also, we were urged to live in the 21st Century and buy from the numerous arrays of hybrids grown for smaller size.

Generally, they don’t need any pruning.

Horticulture Moments


In October 2019, Sherry Brownlee discussed how lichen feeds insects, small mammals and butterfly larvae,

and is also an indicator of how clear of pollution the air is. 

Some lichen grow with moss but are not moss; nor is lichen a plant. Lichen is a symbiotic relationship between algae and fungi.

There are many colors and about 20,000 species. The most common is the green we see growing on tree trunks and branches.

In November, Sherry displayed samples of fall leaf color taken from trees in her garden.

These included Sourwood, Red Maple, Kousa Dogwood, Bottlebrush Buckeye and native Blueberries.

For January 2020, Sherry emphasized 'Structure in the Garden', describing several backbone plants used in her garden.

She said that broadleaf evergreens and conifers make up the spine of a garden.

 In February, Sherry asked the group if they were keeping data about their plants, indicating that Fine Gardening readers submit suggestions for storing tags and recording information. She showed some pages of a 3-ring binder she keeps on her hundreds of plants,

noting how plastic sheets used for baseball card collecting make handy storage for tags. 


Inexpensive purchases from Dollar stores, along with garden finds, can make interesting arrangements.

In September 2019, Frances Tidd displayed and described a creative arrangement she made from foraged dried materials which included a bee’s nest. Materials were hot glued to several splatter screens wrapped with fabric; one protruding handle was wrapped in twine and the design was displayed in a placard stand. 

During the January 2020 meeting Frances discussed proper pruning and selection of the right size plant. She showed examples of Forsythia and Loropetalum that had been improperly pruned.


At the February meeting Frances reminded us that Groundhog Day takes place in February and introduced us to a groundcover called Ground Hog Aronia that grows in part sun to about 14” high. It is a tough native shrub with low maintenance. White flowers over glossy green foliage occur in spring

followed by dark purple berries in fall. 



September 2019

  • September 10:  Club Meeting "A Florist's Point of View" . . . Cumming, GA
  • September 6-8: Yellow Daisy Flower Show . . . Stone Mountain, GA

October 2019

  • October 8:  Laurel District Fall Meeting . . . Dahlonega, GA
  • October 15:  Club Meeting "Live, Laugh, Learn" . . . Cumming, GA

November 2019

  • November 12:  Club Meeting "It's All Interconnected" . . . Cumming, GA
  • November 20-21:   NGC Landscape Design School II . . . Rome, GA

December 2019

  • December 10:  Club Meeting "Holiday Luncheon" . . . Cumming, GA

January 2020

  • January 14:  Club Meeting "House Plants and Containers" . . . Cumming, GA
  • January 16:  Native Plant Symposium . . . Athens, GA

February 2020

  • February 11: Club Meeting "Change That Old Landscape - Prune" . . . Cumming, GA
  • February 12-13: NGC Landscape Design School III . . . Rome, GA
  • February 26: Capitol Conservation Day . . . Atlanta, GA

March 2020

  • March 10: Club Meeting "Spring Luncheon" . . . Cumming, GA  
  • March 25-26: The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. Convention . . . Macon, GA
  • March 25: South Georgia Native Plant Symposium . . . Tifton, GA

April 2020

  • April 14: Club Field Trip to Scottsdale Farms . . . Milton, GA  
  • April 13-16: Deep South Region Convention . . . Tampa, FL
  • April 19-25: Garden Week in Georgia
  • April 24: National Arbor Day
  • April 28-29: NGC Landscape Design School IV . . . Rome, GA 

May 2020

  • May 12: Club Meeting "Plant Exchange" . . . Cumming, GA 
  • May 11-14: National Garden Club Convention . . . Milwaukee, WI