Program Summaries

"Healing Gardens"

Marguerite indicated that most healing gardens are associated with hospitals or facilities that provide restorative care for individuals, and are, therefore, designed with several groups in mind and can target different illnesses. These gardens promote better health and a sense of well-being, as well as social wellness because they are a comfortable place - giving symptom relief and reduction of stress. It has been shown that even a view of trees from a hospital patient's window creates faster healing.

Aided by a slideshow presentation, Marguerite noted that healing gardens can include active physical therapy or be passive/contemplative. Various elements, including aromatic plants, wood, water or stone, can be therapeutic. Design principles for a healing garden include:

  • Coherence
  • Legibility
  • Complexity
  • Mystery

Nature itself can be healing - a hike through the woods, or visit to parks or other green spaces reduces stress and has a healing outcome. Research has suggested that free play in nature fosters child development.

Upcoming December 12 Program - Holiday Luncheon

Luncheon will be held in a Broadway spotlight setting in the historic 1923 Cumming Schoolhouse located at 215 Ingram Avenue. Club members will meet at 11:30 a.m. in the upstairs private dining area, and a buffet lunch will be served around noon. Members will bring two dozen home-made cookies, cupcakes or candies to exchange with each other.


Pond at Home of Sherry Brownlee

October 2017

  • October 10:  Club Meeting "Big Creek Greenway" . . . Cumming Baptist Church
  • October 19:   Field Trip . . . Scottsdale Farms, Alpharetta
  • October 25:  Laurel District Meeting . . . Cartersville, GA

November 2017

  • November 14:  Club Meeting "Healing Gardens" . . . Cumming Baptist Church
  • November 13-14:  Plant America Symposium . . . Athens, GA

December 2017

  • December 12:  Club Meeting "Holiday Luncheon and Sweets Exchange" . . . Tam's Backstage, Cumming, GA