January Program Recap

Environmental Stewardship by Recycling

Tammy discussed a common sense approach to recycling; don't try to recycle everything, but don't do too little.

Affiliated with Keep America Beautiful, KFCB focuses on solid waste reduction and recycling, as well as beautification/greening and water quality.

In cooperation with Forsyth County, monitoring of landfills includes testing water from surrounding wells to correct any contamination leakage.

KFCB gets the community involved

Tammy and her crew work with businesses to set up in-house

recycling centers. Coordinating with the county, KFCB

convinced the Forsyth County School Board to install containers

and encourage recycling in its schools.

Recycling is a Business

Recycling in Forsyth County is self-sufficient.

Materials dropped off at three recycling sites are sold to manufacturers such as Mohawk that puts plastics through a multiple stage process

to produce fibers for carpets.


February 2018

  • February 13:  Club Meeting "Sprucing Up and Showing Off" . . . Cumming Baptist Church
  • February 16:  Arbor Day in Georgia
  • February 23-25:  Atlanta Botanical Gardens Flower Show "A Toast to Georgia's Film Industry"

March 2018

  • March 13:  Club Meeting "Spring Luncheon and Fundraiser" . . . Cumming Baptist Church
  • March 18-21:  Deep South Convention . . . Memphis, TN

April 2018

  • April 10:  Atlanta Botanical Garden of Gainesville "Field Trip" . . . Gainesville, GA
  • April 10-12:  GCG State Convention . . . Macon, GA
  • April 15-21:  Garden Week in Georgia
  • April 27:  National Arbor Day